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IIIB production-Good elasticity and wear resistance

Automotive connector sealing ring, as the name implies, is a key component in automotive connectors and is mainly used to ensure the sealing performance of the connector. The sealing ring, also known as the oil seal, is usually an annular cover composed of one or several parts. It is fixed on a ring or washer on the bearing and contacts another ring or washer or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent lubricating oil. Leakage and intrusion of foreign objects.

In automotive connectors, sealing rings are widely used. Its main function is to ensure that the connector maintains stable sealing performance under different environments and working conditions. This not only prevents oil, moisture, dust and other impurities from entering the connector, thereby avoiding damage to the electronic components inside the connector, but also ensures that the connector maintains good electrical performance during operation and ensures stable signal transmission.

In addition, the sealing ring can also play a role in fixing different hole positions, so that the connector can still maintain a stable connection when subjected to external forces such as vibration and impact. This is of great significance for the stable operation of the car under various complex road conditions.

The materials of sealing rings are mostly elastic materials such as silicone rubber. These materials have good elasticity and wear resistance and can adapt to working environments under different temperature and pressure conditions. At the same time, these materials also have certain corrosion resistance and aging resistance, which can ensure that the sealing ring can maintain good performance during long-term use.

In short, the automotive connector sealing ring is an important component to ensure the sealing performance of the connector. Its use and function are of great significance to ensure the stable operation of the automotive electronic control system.